A message from Ed Smith

People often ask us what’s different about ICA. They may be wondering why they should give to ICA and not one of the multitude of other charities working on humanitarian issues around the world. At ICA we believe our strength emanates from our dedicated volunteer base and our intentional relatively small size. What we lack in numbers or resources we make up for in steadfast vision of purpose. This is a lesson learned from trial and error, but also from experience, we have learned that no solution is ever as quick and easy as it seems, just as no problem is as daunting as it first appears. What are required to achieve success are a long term commitment and a dedication to working with people and communities in a committed partnership of equals.

Volunteerism is core to the fibre of ICA; however “volunteer” does not equate to a lack of professionalism. We are aware of, and educated on, the ever-changing principles of international development and all of our work is conducted applying the best principles of participative and collaborative partnership. We have always come back to our desire to keep it simple. We know that by working with indigenous people we can play our role in developing appropriate solutions. We also know that the only way to truly succeed is to commit for the long term. The job is not finished just because you have finished building that school, medical clinic or water system, the successful indicators of projects and programs like this require a commitment to stay involved with the community far beyond the provision of infrastructure. ICA does that, we are there for the long term.
We build strong relationships of trust and respect at all levels within the communities, we rely on these relationships to guide our decision making in the field and create programs that lead to real, lasting change.

So…what’s different about ICA? If you support ICA nearly 100% of your donation goes to the intended project, we absorb the costs of running the charity through our Canadian volunteer base and we do not fund any travel expenses for our volunteer. If you “are ICA” it’s because you believe and you are committed and you want to be a part of the solution. That’s not to say that other organizations do not espouse and nurture similar values, but I think we do it at the top of the class.

Join us and find out for yourself.

More to follow…..