ICA is headed to South Sudan

At the end of October, I will be travelling with Matt Morrison to South Sudan in order to evaluate a Compressed Earth Block (CEB) building technique to determine it’s applicability for ICA’s work in Cameroon.

CEB building techniques offer financial and logistical efficiencies that may greatly increase ICA’s capacity for building schools in Cameroon; however the machinery required would involve a not insignificant investment of funds. In order to properly evaluate the capabilities of the CEB, Matt Morrison will spend 2 weeks at a project site in South Sudan. Following his 2 weeks in South Sudan a comparative business analysis will be produced to determine if the technology makes sense for ICA’s work in Cameroon from both a financial and technical perspective.

The trip in South Sudan will be interesting to say the least. Matt and I will travel by motorcycle spending time in post-conflict zones to gather data at the construction site of a medical facility in Tonj. The journey is at least 5 hours when the dirt road is in good condition, coming so close to the end of the rainy season this journey could take much longer.

The journey begins in 2 weeks time; the updates will follow very soon after that. Stay tuned!

As always, thanks for your support!

Ed Smith