Rally with Holman’s


Holman’s owners – Ken and Jenny Meister travelled to Cameroon in 2006 and 2009. They both saw the wonderful work that ICA was doing to bring the necessities of life to rural Cameroon and wish to help again.

“I strongly believe that education is something that everyone should have access to. Since last being in Cameroon I have wanted to help in some way and we are able to help right now by building a school as quick as we can,” said Ken Meister, founder and owner of Holman’s Ice Cream Parlour.

“Education is the key to overcoming poverty. Our hope is that a school can strengthen these children’s futures, who can then build healthy families, communities and government.”

The Meisters hope to count on the love and care of their community to reach their fundraising goal.

Holman’s will donate 5% of its sales towards the project and accept direct donations as well as corporate sponsors. The funds raised will contribute to:

• Build a 2-classroom school building
• Pay the salary of one PTA teacher
• Provide uniforms and textbooks for 200 students

Holman’s invites the community to contribute to the fundraiser to help Cameroonian children with poor access to education to attend school this year. Donations can be made on gofundme or in person at Holman’s Ice Cream Parlour.

Many of the rural areas in Cameroon have been devasted by violent extremest over the past few years. Jenny and I had the privilege of working in the past with some humanitarian and education initiatives.

We were extremely heartbroken to hear that many of our friends have been killed, the villages we work in destroyed, and thousands of children displaced as refugees in their own country without a school.

We know that through the love and care of our community, Holman’s can fundraise to build a school this winter in Cameroon. During the current crises, these schools will benefit many more children.

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