Improving access to water is one of ICA’s key initiatives – safe, readily accessible water helps to reduce water-borne diseases, and improves the general quality of life for people who simply have to travel a shorter distance to obtain the water they need for a variety of daily uses.

In towns and villages throughout the Anya-Lewoh region of Cameroon, our water projects provide pipe-borne water to over 10,000 inhabitants through a series of public taps and individual connections.  For this population, the average distance they would have needed to travel for water in the rainy season was 500 meters, this extended to 800 meters in the dry season – with the introduction of the water projects across this region, the average distance required to fetch water reduced to 50 meters.  This reduced distance has had a significant impact on quality of life across the region.

In addition to this greater convenience, the Lewoh district hospital believes that the water projects have contributed significantly to lower incidences of people suffering from water borne diseases.