Education is a major component of empowerment and sustainable development because once it has been achieved, can never be removed.

Through the CIC-ICA partnership, our education program funds new classrooms in impoverished communities of Cameroon.

This program was developed within a holistic participative planning approach that includes:

  • The construction of 20 new schools over 5 years
  • Upgrading the skill levels of volunteer parent teachers as well as the few professional teachers that do exist in the region
  • Providing didactic materials and tools including textbooks and uniforms
  • Provide a focus on educating the girl child
  • Through awards and ceremony, provide a focus on rewarding academic accomplishment and celebrating achievements in order to shift attitudes contra education and to foster excellence

It is remarkable how far our donated funds can be stretched, a new 2-classroom school (including latrines) costs only $25,000 (USD), and has been proven to improve the lives of an entire community.