G.T.C. Alou

GTC Alou was the first technical school in the Lebialem Province. It currently has 12 classrooms and 2 workshop, but need 42. This means that 28 classes are held outside or have to share a space with other classrooms, which results in a material storage shortages.

With the help of ICA and CIC, the construction on a new set of classrooms was started in the fall of 2016. Instead of the usual 2 room + veranda design, a new design is being constructed. The plans were formulated by the construction teacher at the school and CIC field expert. The new building will not have a veranda (tricky to construct due to the overhanging roof), however, it will have 4 smaller classrooms and an office for the principal.

During interviews, headmasters and principals will often tell us that they do not have a secure space to store their documents and records, due to a lack of a separate office. Should the new design proof functional at G.T.C. Alou, it could possibly also be used for other projects.