International Children’s Awareness has been a Canadian registered Non-Governmental Organization since 1994. Our focus has evolved into working with communities in Cameroon in participative ways to ensure sustainable solutions in education and other areas of development.

Core Values: Perhaps the best way to define ICA is to list those values which we hold closely.

Social Justice: At ICA we believe there to be a moral imperative for working partnerships between wealthy and developing nations to enable human development and societal growth for all to enjoy.

Participation and Partnership: The only way a partnership can flourish is through the full and equal participation of the indigenous population. The correct solutions must be found through partnerships and dialogue.

Sustainability: All projects must be designed with the goal of local sustainability. They must rely on local solutions, ingenuity, participation and eventually funding, in order to ensure their long term viability. Intrinsic in the concept of sustainability is the notion of empowerment.

Education: Education is a fundamental right of humanity. Education enables and sustains change. Education is the first cornerstone of development.

Health: Health is the second fundamental cornerstone of development. Health and healthcare programs serve the fundamental needs of the community.

Volunteerism: Volunteerism enables ICA to ensure that 95% of donated funds are applied directly to the intended project or program. Volunteers have expertise, enthusiasm and dedication that enables social change in societies globally.