Fundraising Gala 2023

ICA was very happy to welcome the North Bay Community at Average Joe’s in May 2023 for the first annual “Taste of Africa” Fundraising Gala.

There were many prominent community members there, including long-time ICA supporter John Cutsey and ICA Board Chair Mike Johnson.

A highlight of the evening was the autographed Toronto Raptors jersey donated by Maple Leaf Sport and Entertainment (MLSE) and signed by Pascal Siakam – Toronto raptors power forward. Pascal was born and raised in Douala, Cameroon.

John Cutsey’s enthusiasm for the cause and deep respect for the people of Cameroon was evident and highly moving. John pledged to match all donations up to $30,000 that are made in the next 6 months.

CIC Anniversary Event

The ICA delegation was hosted by Pat and Leke Tambo for a dinner at their residence. While ICA has worked with the Tambos for nearly 30 years, 2023 is the 20th anniversary of Centre for International Cooperation (CIC) Cameroon. To commemorate the anniversary, the ICA delegation presented the Tambos with a plaque that reads: “Center for International Cooperation and International Children’s Awareness celebrating 20 years of partnership and community building.”

The Tambos were very pleased to accept the plaque.

Holman’s Ice Cream Reaches Its Fundraising Goal!

As part of their involvement in the ICA’s Rally For Hope campaign, Holman’s Ice Cream Parlour has proudly reached its $30,000 fundraising goal to build a school in Cameroon.

Holman’s owners Ken and Jenny Meister have had Cameroon in their hearts and minds since they travelled there in 2006 and 2009 as part of their involvement with some humanitarian and education initiatives, such as the ICA.

“I strongly believe that education is something that everyone should have access to. Since last being in Cameroon I have wanted to help in some way and we are able to help right now by building a school as quick as we can,” said Ken Meister.

Their fundraising goal was achieved thanks to the outstanding support of their community of Summerside, PEI.

“Education is the key to overcoming poverty. Our hope is that a school can strengthen these children’s futures, who can then build healthy families, communities and government.”

Both Holman’s and the ICA are ecstatic to have the ability to get started on building this new school right away! It is also the very first school being built under the Rally For Hope campaign.

If you wish to contribute, donations are always appreciated.