ICA was established as a Canadian registered non-governmental organization (NGO) in 1994. Since then we have worked various development projects in Cameroon, Romania, Jamaica, and Haiti. We have relied on motivated volunteers since our inception and have evolved into an organization uniquely capable to fill needs in smaller situations that are often overlooked by many of the bigger development organizations.

Our steadfast commitment to our project areas has garnered high level recognition and praise and most importantly has resulted in projects and programs that have empowered and benefited tens of thousands.

ICA understands that in the long term, the only way to break the poverty cycle is through the development and empowering of the community as a whole.

Innovative and appropriate technologies must be implemented in beneficiary communities to create real and lasting change. These communities do not want handouts they want to recover their independence and self-sufficiency. 95% of all donations will benefit our projects – administrative costs are personally funded by ICA volunteers.

By promoting and implementing integrated sustainable development programs in these regions, ICA is helping people help themselves.