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“This Is Africa!”

Paul, the Cameroonian journalist who accompanied our ICA team on the trip through the Lebialem Highlands in the Southwest of Cameroon, had one simple answer to all the questions he couldn’t or wouldn’t explain. “This is Africa!” he exclaimed with a big disarming smile whenever “his” Canadians met something unfamiliar, unknown or unexpected. The rugged […]


The mountain ranges of the Lebialem Highlands in Cameroon are picturesque. “The valley”, as ICA members like to call it, is characterized by lush jungle, rolling hills and free flowing streams and rivers. However, the features that make the Lebialem Highlands beautiful are also the same features that make it formidable. The mountains act as […]

Drinking out of a firehose

“Reality has a tendency to be so uncomfortably real”, at least that’s how Neil Peart (of Canadian rock fame) put it in his book documenting his bicycle tour of West Africa. I read his account in the month leading up to my visit to Cameroon. That’s how I prepare for any new experience in life, […]

Water is Life

What’s in a cliché? I’ve been reflecting of late on some of the overused and under examined sayings I have been exposed to throughout my lifetime. “Work hard, play hard” “You deserve a break today” “Just do it” “Have it your way” “When you’ve got it flaunt it” Recognize any of these sayings? In my […]

A message from Ed Smith

People often ask us what’s different about ICA. They may be wondering why they should give to ICA and not one of the multitude of other charities working on humanitarian issues around the world. At ICA we believe our strength emanates from our dedicated volunteer base and our intentional relatively small size. What we lack […]

Green Reads Partnership!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Green Read’s recycled book vending machine!  For $2, you can buy a used book – and then donate it when you are done using it!  This green initiative will help to keep books out of our landfills, and a portion of all book sales will go to […]

ICA is heading to Cameroon!

International Children’s Awareness has organized a group of volunteers and will be in Cameroon from February 27th to March 12th.  We will be visiting many of the schools that ICA has built in the past, those under construction, and talking to community leaders in new villages to plan future projects.  The team will spend time […]