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Holman’s Ice Cream Reaches Its Fundraising Goal!

As part of their involvement in the ICA’s Rally For Hope campaign, Holman’s Ice Cream Parlour has proudly reached its $30,000 fundraising goal to build a school in Cameroon. Holman’s owners Ken and Jenny Meister have had Cameroon in their hearts and minds since they travelled there in 2006 and 2009 as part of their […]

Deanna’s Experience in Cameroon

“Reality has a tendency to be so uncomfortably real” As Neil Peart – whose band Rush was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall Of Fame – put it in his book documenting his bicycle tour of West Africa. I read his book in the month leading up to my visit to Cameroon. That’s how I […]

Meet Monica – ICA Volunteer

Monica Chow has been a volunteer with the International Children’s Awareness (ICA) since 2019 helping the organization with social media management, and taking photos and videos. Born and raised in Ottawa, Monica is a Senior Project Officer for the Government of Canada with a background in business. Prior to her current position she worked in […]

Meet the Student

Meet Chantelle Chantelle is 16-year-old young lady from the Village of Besali located in the South West region of Cameroon. The ICA team met this beautiful and soft-spoken student, who has six siblings aged from 6 to 20 years old. All of the children in the village are attending the ICA/CIC primary school that was […]

Christmas in Cameroon Stories

Christmas in Cameroon – Story 1 Christmas in Cameroon is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ and that he is our spiritual leader. Christmas is also a day where family members travel to meet extended family to celebrate together. On December 23rd, families clean up and decorate their homes with decorations such as […]

Letter from the Board Chair

November 2020 Hello, The continuing civil unrest in Cameroon is putting additional pressure on a country already in crisis. This situation has only increased the need for foreign partners to redouble their efforts and assistance Cameroon. There are four unique crisis’ that are occurring simultaneously and any one of them is enough to bring immense […]

Featured Board Member

Dr. Lorraine Frost Dr. Lorraine Frost has been involved with the International Children’s Awareness (ICA) as a board member from 2003 to 2006, then again since 2018. She travelled to Cameroon in 2003 with a group of teacher candidates as a part of her work, and became interested in what Ed Smith – founder and […]

Meet the Student

Rose Age: 13 Rose is a shy young lady from the village of Tchogie.  The ICA team met Rose and a few of her classmates in the village of Nkong.  She is one of 7 children in her family and all but her older sister are in school.  When asked about her older sister, Rose […]