Since ICA was established in 1994, through the generosity of our sponsors and the dedication of our volunteers and community partners, we have helped to; make clean water more accessible, fund and manage the construction of schools, school uniforms and latrines in underserved areas, provide opportunities for sustainable income generation, and support a number of important local social programs.

In the last 8 years alone, International Children’s Awareness, in partnership with Cameroon’s Centre for International Cooperation, has:

  • Created 18 new classrooms and 6 latrines
  • Purchased and distributed close to 12,000 textbooks and just under 700 school uniforms
  • Supplemented salaries for 12 teachers in underserved areas, allowing many of them to continue their own educations
  • Built and managed the Cutsey Health Centre, serving over 6,000 patients and assisting in the delivery of over 300 babies
  • Improved the availability of clean water for drinking, cleaning and farming for over 8,700 Cameroons in the Lewoh area, so that 73% of the population in the Lewoh community has access to pipe borne water


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