G.T.C. Alou

Alou is the Head Quarters of Alou Sub Division which comprises 6 Fondoms, namely: Mmockmbie, Mmockfossimondi, Nwangong, Ndungateh, Lewoh, and Nwametaw.

GTHS Alou is located in Nwametaw village but the students come from the 6 fondoms.

FonFonju Joseph
PrincipalSangong Gregory
Number of Teachers69 (State employee: 41; PTA: 28)
Number of students133 girls, 399 boys
Population served37,000 inhabitants
ConstructionYear2016 – 2017

GTC Alou was the first technical school in the Lebialem Province. It currently has 12 classrooms and 2 workshop, but need 42. This means that 28 classes are held outside or have to share a space with other classrooms, which results in a material storage shortages.

With the help of ICA and CIC, the construction on a new set of classrooms was started in the fall of 2016. Instead of the usual 2 room + veranda design, a new design was constructed. The plans were formulated by the construction teacher at the school and CIC field expert. The new building will not have a veranda (tricky to construct due to the overhanging roof), however, it will have 4 smaller classrooms and as well as an office for the principal.

During interviews, headmasters and principals will often tell us that they do not have a secure space to store their documents and records, due to a lack of a separate office. Should the new design proof functional at G.T.C. Alou, it could possibly also be used for other projects.

In February of 2017, an ICA delegation visited the schools under construction. At the time of the monitoring visit, a strike action disrupted the normal functioning of schools in the English-speaking provinces. ICA is looking forward to meeting students and teachers in Alou on future visits!