ICA was established in 1994 in Canada. Through the generosity of our sponsors and the dedication of our volunteers and community partners, we have helped to; make clean water more accessible, fund and manage the construction of schools, school uniforms and latrines in under-served areas, provide opportunities for sustainable income generation, and support a number of important local social programs.

The projects completed over the years with support from ICA can be grouped into three categories: classrooms, water and other community projects.


Often, communities lack an adequate number of classroom for the number of children, lack funding for qualified teachers and families cannot afford the books and uniforms required for pupils to attend classes. All of these aspects are considered when ICA works with a community to improve education for the children.


Sometimes, what prevents children from going to school, is not a lack of classrooms, but rather, a lack of clean drinking water. Children that drink dirty water will be sick often and miss a lot of school. As such, some communities have asked for assistance in building a water pump or water filtration system that provides them with clean drinking water.

Other Community Projects

Communities have asked ICA for support in setting up other sustainable community projects. Usually, these are completed with additional partners that are active in the field. Projects include the construction of a health center, setting up of a cooperative for cassava grinders, supporting a shared pig raising program and supporting women’s literacy programs.

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