Drilled Well in Kompina

Construction date: 2019 – 2020

ICA Canada, with our Cameroonian partner, is working with the water committee in the village of Kompina to bring a reliable source of water. This project is the first drilled well ICA Canada has built. The water pump powered by a diesel generator is bringing water from a depth of 70 meters to be carried by villagers to their homes. There are plans to convert this pump to a solar power source in order to be more sustainable into the future. There are also plans to pipe the water to several stand taps throughout the village and possibly even adjacent villages.

In March of 2020, an ICA delegation met with the water committee representatives and villagers to tour the site. The water tank tower was still under construction, but the villagers were already actively using the water. Future ICA delegations will visit the site and look forward to maintaining good relationships with the local community.

While not yet finished, the well is already providing clean water to the community