When ICA/CIC contacted Bechati’s leadership about a potential education-related project, their first priority was to obtain a clean water source. Many children have distended stomachs in the area. They miss school regularly because of complications associated with water-borne illnesses.

The construction of the water purification and distribution system started in 2011/2012 and was completed in 2013. There are now seven clean water points in the village of Bechati.

The technology behind the water purification system is relatively simple, however the logistics of building were not. Bechati is the furthest ICA supported village in the valley. Getting equipment and materials into the region was arduous.

The system consists of four stages. The first stage is the water intake, which takes water from a nearby river. The strainer on the pipe filters out large particles like leaves and twigs. The pipe then runs hundreds of meters into a sand filtration system, where the water filters through different layers of sand. Once it reaches the bottom, the water enters another pipe which runs to a giant cement catchment where it is stored. A primary pipe brings the water down into the village where it branches off to the seven different water taps.

Clean water is accessed. Children remain healthy and can go to school.