Cutsey Health Center

The Cutsey Health Centre resides in the small village of Menji-Fonjewmetah. Funded by John and Joanne Cutsey of North Bay, ON, and built by ICA/CIC in 2009, the clinic officially supports three villages. However, in practice up to seven communities use the facility. There are approximately 100 patients per month, many of whom suffer from malaria and water-borne illnesses. The clinic also provides pre-natal care to between 100-120 women per year and sees nearly 60 live births.

The clinic has access to electricity because of a water turbine generator that is located a few hundred meters away. Access to sustainable and uninterrupted electricity is important because of the need power a refrigeration system, which is used to store medical supplies and vaccines.

In February 2015, ICA continued its support for of Cutsey Health Centre by funding the purchase of a machine that measures blood oxygen.

ICA visited the clinic annually over many years, however, due to the conflict in the region, visits have not been possible since 2019.