Baleveng Bilingual Secondary School

In March of 2023, the ICA delegation visited the newly constructed classrooms and laboratory.  They were greeted by students, staff and dignitaries from the school and neighbouring community.

PrincipalChretien Takem
PTA PresidentJustin Kago
Number of teachers28 Gov’t , 30 PTA
Number of students863 Girls, 202 Boys
Bilingual pupils263 Anglophone, 802 Francophone
Construction date2022 – 2023

The bilingual high school in Baleveng is a large school with many IDP children.  The addition of 2 classrooms from ICA helped leverage support to build their laboratory facilities.  Students that would have to travel to neighbouring cities for examinations at great expense to their families will soon be able to take their exams in the new facility.