Name: Mac’Brain
Age: 14

Mac’Brain is a precocious, football playing, jokester that the ICA team met in the village of Besali. He is the oldest of five children who range in age from 3-14 years. All of his school aged siblings are attending G.S. Besali, an CIC/ICA primary school, built in 2010.

Mac’Brain told us that he wants to study journalism in Ghana when he is finishes secondary school. He has seen journalists on TV and with a smile told us “some black people are journalists” (as if we wouldn’t believe it!).

If he wasn’t currently attending secondary school, Mac’Brain would be working on the farm with his mother. He told us “it is important to be educated. It is the key to life.” This young man is wise beyond his years. We all feel privileged to have met him.