G.S. Destiny

The construction of 2 classrooms at Destiny School was made possible through donations by the  Meister family of Holman’s Ice Cream Parlour and their friends in the community of Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada. The Meister family have been long time supporters of ICA Canada and we thank them for their generosity to the students of Destiny School.

ChiefHRH Ngono Marie Therese
Head teacherAsong Vanesar
Number of teachers13 (4 are IDPs)
Number of pupils167 Girls, 150 Boys
IDP pupils63 Girls, 46 Boys
Construction date2021 – 2022

Destiny School built in 2021-22 is in an area of Cameroon that has seen a large influx of IDPs from the ongoing conflict.  In March of 2023, the ICA delegation visited Destiny school, where we were greeted by school dignitaries and the President of the PTA. The ICA team delivered didactic materials and school supplies for the students. Destiny is in a beautiful location at the foot of a HUGE boulder.  The school representatives and the children are thrilled with the newly constructed classrooms.