G.S. Kouogouo

In March of 2020, a delegation from ICA Canada visited the classrooms under construction in Kouogouo, where they received a warm greeting by the students and school staff. There were classrooms that had more than 100 students per room with only one teacher. The need for greater capacity and improved infrastructure was great at Kouogouo.

Fon/ChiefHRH/SM Tella Joseph
HeadteacherMrs. Ndino Eliz
Number of teachersGov’t 9, PTA 1
Number of pupilsGirls 223, Boys 227
Tribal affiliationBameleki
Population servedApprox. 15,000
Construction date2019 – 2020

ICA delegates presented the students with didactic materials and hygiene products. Future delegations will visit Kouogouo to monitor the use of the classrooms and maintain good relationships with local officials.