G.S Marita

Marita lies at about 2600m above sea level and has a spectacular view over the surrounding valleys. On clear days, one can even see Mount Cameroon!

Construction Year2015 (primary) and 2017 (nursery)
Number of Pupils31 boys, 39 girls

A set of primary school classrooms was construction with the help of ICA and completed in 2015. Around the same time, the nursery classrooms that the community had collapsed. Inspired by the success of the primary classroom projects, the community took advantage of the energy present and cleared the land and gathered the materials for a new nursery school. They applied for help from CIC again, and were granted the project.

“We are very happy. If there is a word above happy, use it.”

– Inspector of basic education of Wabane

The nursery school classroom was completed in 2017.