In 2010, Michael Gardiner, a student at Memorial University in Newfoundland and Labrador, visited Cameroon as part of the ICA delegation. When he returned home to Canada, he vowed to raise enough money to build a new school.


Thanks to Michael’s efforts, G.T.C Njenawung’s new structure was completed in 2014. G.T.C Njenawung is unique because it is the only secondary school that ICA supports. In Cameroon, technical colleges offer students an alternative to traditional academic high schools.

“We the people of Njenawung chiefdom in Alou sub Division have the honour, most respectful to extend our sincere thanks to CIC Cameroon/ICA Canada for the construction of two classrooms in Government Technical College Njenawung. We applaud your efforts for this kind gesture. We pray that the almighty God continue to glorify all your adventures and protect you wherever you go.”

– The Njenawung Community (letter dated 15th February 2015, presented by the principal of G.T.C Njenawung)

G.T.C Njenawung host courses in five different fields: carpentry, accounting, home economics, electricity and mechanics. Once completed, the students have the opportunity to enter the job market in their selected fields, or to continue their education at the post-secondary level.

Prior to ICA intervention, G.T.C Njenawung did not have the infrastructure necessary to support all four grades. Form 1 and 2 (grade 7, 8) students were forced to work outside. Teachers were forced to rotate their classes in and out of the available buildings depending on the schedules. Since the two new classrooms were completed, the younger students now have a permanent structure where they can study.