G.S. Zemla

In March of 2020, a delegation from ICA Canada visited the classrooms under construction in Zemla, where they received a warm greeting by the village and school community alike. The Fon of the Region honoured ICA and CIC with ceremonies.

FonKana Victor III
ChiefHRH/SM Djeussa David
Head teacherDoungue Antonine
Number of teachers2 government, 3 PTA
Number of pupils87 boys, 122 girls
Populationabout 8000
Construction date2019 – 2020

ICA delegates presented the students with didactic materials and hygiene products.

During the visit in March 2023, additional didactiv material was delivered. Next to the classrooms funded by ICA and CIC, the construction of additional classrooms has started, funded by the government. This is a very good sign that our work is encouraging further government investment.