Since 2006, donations from UTE have built 3 schools in Cameroon, Africa.  The classrooms play a central role in increasing the number of children attending school, particularly for girls.  Infrastructure such as the classrooms and latrines built with your donations improve the future for poor communities.

Donations from the UTE union office and monthly giving by you, the members, is changing the lives of students in small villages.  A UTE member and a student funded by UTE have been participating annually in a monitoring and evaluation trip with ICA delegates to Cameroon for many years.

“I travelled to Cameroon, Africa in March of this year, 2023. This was my second trip with International Children’s Awareness (ICA), as I also went in March of 2020.  

It is hard to describe the feeling of pride that comes with travelling with the ICA. To see and interact with the children and adults is amazing. They are so grateful for our assistance in making there lives and country better. From building schools, to water projects and eye glass clinics, both the people who live there and the volunteers from ICA are amazing to work with.  Seeing the deplorable conditions these children have to learn in, class numbers in the hundreds, no bathrooms, limited supplies etc, makes you want to help even more. 

I’ve always made a donation to ICA, but after my recent trip I came back and became a monthly donor. You can too.”

— Madonna Gardiner UTE Life Member

Madonna Gardiner and Vicki-Lynn Smith at the most recent UTE school, Rainbow College in the village of Foto.

Current Project

Many UTE Members have visited the schools in Cameroon. Give generously to help build classrooms and then come and visit, to see how you are making a difference for many families in Cameroon! Your current total is $25,965.85 of the necessary $36,000 to build your next school. With determination and the UTE generosity that you have always been known for, we can get there for 2024!

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