Toonie Campaign

It all started in North Bay at the Fundraising Gala in May 2023. The community came together to celebrate the past achievements of ICA and to raise funds to support our work in Cameroon.

ICA’s vision as a grassroots sustainable development organization is to empower the most vulnerable. Through decades of persistent international development work in Cameroon and around the world ICA has become a force for change. Our donors and partners who are equally committed to transforming the lives of many in Cameroon are force multipliers in our mission.

John Cutsey’s Pledge

John Cutsey has a long legacy with ICA. In 2009 he sponsored a health clinic in the town of Menji Fonjumeta which served many of the very remote villages in the Lebeliam Valley of Cameroon. The impact of the clinic was so significant that it encouraged John to continue his support for the community by building a school and a water system. You can read more about the clinic here.

At the Gala in May 2023, John Cutsey delivered a very inspiring speech, recounting details of his visit to the Lebeliam Highlands region of Cameroon and the impact he has made with ICA. John very generously pledged to match all donations made until December 2023 up to $30,000. This is amazing news and we are so proud that John Cutsey bestows this great trust in our organization.

A Toonie per Day

A toonie is as Canadian as it gets. So lets show the children of Cameroon that we care. With just a toonie a day ($60 a month), you can help ensure that children have classrooms, uniforms, textbooks and school supplies.

Don’t let this momentum pass us by. A toonie a day is all we need to keep building schools in Cameroon. Let’s all work together to make a difference in the world.

To learn more about how to donate in different ways click here